Visualization Exercise for Seniors

Visualization Exercise for Seniors


Visualization is a technique of creating images with the help of your “inner eye” and filling these images with a sense of reality. Everything that surrounds you — the house, the clothes, the books you read, and the films you watch are the direct result of visualization. You imagine what you want, and give this image a physical form. The art of visualization is easy to learn, it can be used to relax, heal and create the image of your life – the way you would like it to be. There is a difference between visions and visualization. During visions, you do not have the belief that these images can become reality. When visualizing, your mind is absolutely focused. Pictures created by consciousness are clear and filled with concrete details.

  1. Sit quietly for a few minutes. Breathe deeply and slowly, inhale and exhale until you feel the tension leaving you. With each breath, you will feel more and more relaxed and calm.


  1. Now imagine that you are sitting on a warm, deserted beach. The sun is right over your head, and the sea is gently washing the sand at your feet. You hear birds singing in the sky and see yachts far into the sea, driven by a light, warm breeze. Small and beautiful shells are scattered across the sand around you.


  1. You are alone and absolutely calm – you left all your anxieties, worries and stress behind. Imagine that you are on a vacation and you are exactly where you always wanted to go. Let the sense of calm and relaxation “wash” you. Feel that you are safe and you have absolutely nothing to fear.


  1. If at the moment you are worried about something, imagine that you “packed” this problem in a suitcase and put it on one of those yachts that are far away in the sea. Imagine that the yacht “takes away” your problem, disappearing over the horizon and from your sight.


  1. Now take three deep breaths, and relax. This will help your mind to return to the body. Then, when you feel ready, slowly open your eyes. Sit for a few more minutes while getting used to an incomparable feeling of complete relaxation.

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