The Medicare Advantage Plan C

The Medicare advantage Plan C is not the Part C of Medicare. Both are different things. Plan C is one of the standard plans offered by Medicare advantage insurance. It is available in many states where Medicare insurance is working. The out of pocket expenses that are approved by the Medicare are covered by the plan C.

In this article, we clear the details about the Medicare advantage plan C for improving your knowledge about this plan. It will also help you to clear the doubts of the same name of the plan C and the Medicare part C.

The Coverage of Medicare Advantage plan for 2019:

  • The plan C covers the various co-payment and co-insurances related to the hospital for the Medicare part A. It will provide you additional coverage for the next one year when your original Medicare plan is completed.
  • The co-insurance and co-payments related with hospice care of Medicare part A are also included in the Medicare advantage plan C.
  • The plan C covers the costs used for buying blood for the patient. It starts counting the costs after the first 3 pints of blood.
  • The co-payment and co-insurance included in Medicare part B are also covered by Medigap plan C.
  • The deductibles of Medicare part A and part B, expert nursing facility costs and the costs related to emergency care during foreign travel are also under the coverage area of Medicare advantage plan C.

The Non-Coverage of Plan C:

The surcharges taken by the doctor facility are covered by the Medicare part B but these excess charges are not paid by Medicare plan C. The excess charges are considered as the costs out of the approved Medicare amount. These charges are allotted directly to the patients and this can be up to 15% more than the approved Medicare amount.

The premium of Medicare advantage plan can also different in its costs and include the basic benefits of the healthcare services but you will be charged low premiums when you enroll during the open enrolment period. They help you even in very poor health conditions.


From the above details, we get the idea that the Medicare plan C is really a useful plan in which we have no need to wait for a long time. The time of 6 months for the plan enrolment will let you use the services related to health care with just a fraction of cost out of your pocket because the plan C will cover all the benefits for you.